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Rose and Saffron Chai Tea

This healing and aromatic tea is a mix of soothing spices, rose and saffron. The ‘chai tea-mix’ can be made at home and can be stored for months. Perfect to serve on Valentine’s Day or any cozy occasion.

Chai Tea with Smooth White Chocolate

Scrumptious, spiced chai tea is made even creamier with a healthy dose of white chocolate that melts perfectly in the warm drink. from Lindt USA.

Oat Milk Chai Latte

This vegan-friendly chai latte switches up the original recipe, with oat milk and black tea.

Spiced Chai Brownies

Favorite fudge brownies receive warm autumn flair from a homemade blend of chai spice.


Iced Masala Chai

Enjoy a spicy chai beverage in the heat of summer over ice. Boil your favorite tea with the iconic spices and chill. Serve with mint and slices of lemon.

Apple Chai Cake

Apple Chai Cake

Tart flecks of granny smith punctuate this sweet, spicy cake that pairs perfect with a mug of tea or coffee.

Vanilla Chai Bundt Cake

Vanilla Chai Bundt Cake

This is a POUND cake in the shape of a bundt cake. It’s moist, delicious and heavy. This is not a light cake.