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Zucchini Arancini

A delicious vegetarian appetizer, these cheesy arancini are made with brown rice and zucchini.

Cinnamon and Nut Date Bites

Sweet, cinnamon-y, and with a great nutty crunch, these date bites are a perfect snack to have on hand in your freezer for when hunger strikes.

Almond-Coconut Truffles

If you like Almond Joy bars, you will love these sweet bites. A whole almonds hides in the center of chocolate-dipped coconut for a delicious treat.


Spiced Cream of Rice Dumplings

A delicious, mildly sweet and spicy dish with an aroma of clarified butter will send your senses spinning. Steamed balls are a fun side filled with veggies.

Cocoa Fig Bites

Just like the center of a fig cookie, these bites are as delicious as truffles, but as easy and energizing as a snack.

Spiced Rum Balls

Spiced Rum Balls

Try your hand at these and you’ll find yourself buying shortbread (or making it!) to get your spiced rum balls-on!