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Start Baking with Beer

Start Baking with Beer

Some might consider beer itself to be the ultimate treat, but here are creative ways to combine the best of beer and your favorite desserts.
By Jeanette Morelan

This article has been posted with permission and originally appeared as Sweet and Stout: 10 Dessert Recipes Featuring Beer on Relish

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Blue Moon and Corona Cupcakes

Celebrate two of America’s most-loved beers in these cupcakes, complete with their respective traditional garnishes. See the recipe.

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Chocolate Stout Truffles

These beautiful truffles are a snap to make, and the perfect addition to your next potluck occasion. See the recipe.

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Bacon, Beer and Potato Chip Cookie Bars

A glorious combination of pretzels, beer, potato chips, bacon, caramel and chocolate chips. What more could you ask for? See the recipe.

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Stout Chocolate Layer Cake

The combination of dark chocolate, stout and caramel makes for a seriously decadent serving. See the recipe.

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Beer Caramel Topped Blondies

Stout blondies topped with a thick layer of salted stout caramel for a beautifully booze-infused dessert. See the recipe.

For five more sweet recipes with beer, click here.

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