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How to Make a Manbuca

How to Make a Manbuca

What do you get when you combine a Manhattan and Sambuca? A Manbuca. The name alone triggers enough curiosity to try the recipe!


When the good folks at Molinari kindly sent us this bottle of Sambuca, Chris was quickly reminded of a regular he had at his bar nearly ten years ago. That regular always used to order a Manbuca – a Manhattan with Sambuca. He named it, and the name stuck.

When using Sambuca in cocktails, it’s important to be sparing. It’s an extremely strong flavor and if you’re not careful, you can quickly overwhelm your drink completely. It was a perfect opportunity to try another bottle we’d just received – Pendleton Midnight. I’m happy to say the two get along very nicely!

An Unlikely Pair

The Pendleton Midnight blended whiskey holds its own in this drink, while making room for the sambuca to shine through. The result is unlike any Manhattan you’ve ever had – but not in a bad way. The anise shines brightly through the whiskey but again, doesn’t overpower it completely.

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So if you can get past the goofy name, this is actually a pretty great drink! (That is, as long as you like licorice!)

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