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Jalapeño-Strawberry Jam

Jalapeño-Strawberry Jam

This sweet, savory, spicy Jalapeño-Strawberry Jam can be a fun dipping sauce, marinade or sandwich spread.

This recipe is the byproduct of an Instagram campaign I did the other month, but it was so good that I knew I needed to share it on the blog, too. This quick and easy fruit jam is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy that will have you clamoring for more, and a splash of vinegar at the end helps to brighten all of the flavors and balance out the sweetness a bit. The strawberries and jalapeño join forces to become a condiment that’s great spread on a piece of bread, as a dip for tortilla chips (not your typical dip, but it works), swirled into your morning yogurt, or in lieu of marinara as a sauce for mozzarella sticks (strange, but I’m speaking from experience). I used a bag of frozen strawberries in this recipe because they were no where close to being in season, but I imagine fresh, ripe fruit would work just as well. I might also try this with other fruit in the future as a peach and jalapeño jam sounds divine.

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