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Greate Recipe Ideas for Summer Cherries

Greate Recipe Ideas for Summer Cherries

Cherry season doesn’t last long, but it’s one of nature’s sweetest candies and it deserves our attention. Dark, ripe cherries are tart and sweet, making them perfect for pies, crisps, cocktails, jams and even barbecue sauces. Start snatching them up, and add these sweet recipes for summer to your must-taste list.
By Emily Barrett

Greate Recipe Ideas for Summer CherryShutterstock: igor.stevanovic

This article has been posted with permission and originally appeared as 1 Delicious Cherry Recipes for Summer on Relish

Chocolate cherry bread puddingPernille Pedersen

Chocolate-Dried Cherry Bread Pudding

That classic cherry-chocolate combo could hardly be showcased in finer fashion than this bread pudding. The dried cherries provide a tartness that balances out the rich semi-sweet chocolate in this gooey, spongy mouthful. Find the recipe here.

Cherry JamJennifer Farley

Skillet Cherry Jam

Every biscuit needs a little lovin’. This incredibly easy jam only requires cherries, sugar and lemon juice for that perfect amount of sweet and tart. Mix up breakfast, brunch and even snack time by adding skillet jam to anything. Try it on a nutty cheese or a seedy piece of whole grain toast! Find the recipe here.

Dark Cherry and Amaretto Ice CreamAmber Wilson

Dark Cherry and Amaretto Ice Cream

Cherries and amaretto liqueur go so smoothly together that this ice cream is heaven in a scoop. With hints of delicate vanilla bean and rich, dark cherries distributed throughout every bite, this frozen treat is creamy perfection. Find the recipe here. Crush

Cherry Syrup

Pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, ice cream… this syrup is so versatile and effortless, you will never get enough. All you need is dark sweet cherries, butter, sugar and water to change your syrup game forever. The whole cherries add a unique, satisfying texture to the syrupy sweetness you already know and love. Find the recipe here.

cherry-clafoutisKimberly Hasselbrink

Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis

This traditional French dessert uses whole pitted cherries and a creamy, flan-like batter that, once it hits the oven, transforms into a baked sensation topped with confectioner’s sugar. That richness you’re noticing? That’s thanks to the additions of almond flour and buttermilk. Find the recipe here.

steak-skewersHenry Fong

Steak Skewers with Cherry BBQ Sauce

You might’ve heard that the secret to a good barbecue sauce is jelly or jam—but maybe it’s just the fruit. The subtly sweet complexity of dark cherries with balsamic vinegar, apple juice, ginger, clove, garlic and tomato paste makes for a full-bodied sauce that is ideal for ribs, chicken or the steak skewers. Find the recipe here.

sourcherrypopsicles13Linda at The Tart Tart

Sour Cherry Popsicles

These tart summer pops are incredibly simple to make and are a refreshing anytime treat. With only water, sugar and sour pitted cherries, you’ll be in business. You could even dip them in dark chocolate for an extra-delicious sweet. Find the recipe here.

grilled cherry milkshakeAshley at Edible Perspective

Grilled Cherry Milkshakes

This milkshake is actually pretty guilt-free! The recipe calls for coconut milk, vanilla extract and agave sweetener instead of vanilla ice cream. (But we won’t tell if you would rather actual ice cream.) In this recipe, grilled cherries make a delightful sauce to blend into a shake, and the tart cherries balance out the sweet vanilla flavors. You could try any flavor ice cream you want—or substitute with Greek yogurt, as
suggested. Find the recipe here.

Cherry-Almond-PopsiclesBlahnik Baker

Cherry Almond Popsicles

Cherries and almonds and cream! Oh my! These popsicles call for super sweet condensed milk, sour cream, oh-so aromatic almond extract and your favorite type of cherries to make a layered frozen treat that is dreamy and delicious. Find the recipe here.

Cherry French ToastMark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Cherry French Toast

Cherry-cream cheese stuffed French toast? Get out. That is too good to handle. This recipe calls for Montmorency cherries, which are a bright red sour cherry. With recommended challah bread and cinnamon for a dash of extra spice, this French toast totally takes the cake for cherry season. Find the recipe here.

crumb-topped-georgia-pecan-cereal_bars-1Georgian Pecan Commission

Crumb-Topped Georgia Pecan and Cherry Cereal Bars

Already out of fresh cherries? Try using some homemade cherry jam to make these crunchy, nutty cereal bars. Even throw in some dried cherries for an extra-chewy spin on this grab-and-go snack. Find the recipe here.

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cherry-cheesecake-frozen-yogurt-relishMark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

Cherry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo is always a choice dessert for summer. As long as you have ripe cherries, cream cheese and Greek yogurt, you need look no further for your next cherry indulgence. Top with graham cracker crumble for the full cheesecake experience. Find the recipe here.

IMG_2739-002-SmallMallory at Chocolate with Grace

Rustic Cherry Tarts

These rustic cherry tarts can make an impressive dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The warm, gooey whole cherry filling wrapped in a crisp, buttery crust will send you over the top. The hardest part about this recipe is trying not to eat everything in one sitting. Find the recipe here.

baked-ricotta-with-orange-blossom-cherry-sauceHelen Rosner

Baked Ricotta with Orange Blossom Cherry Sauce

Mmm…nothing goes better with a warm, creamy cheese than a rich, dark berry. This recipe is a perfect appetizer or sweet-savory dessert with honey-lemon ricotta and ambrosial orange blossom cherry compote. Serve with buttery shortbread cookies for a fabulous third course. Find the recipe here.

Cherry-Salsa-RecipeErin from Well Plated

Fresh Cherry Salsa

This sweet and spicy chunky salsa features none other than summer’s ripest cherries. It packs a kick with zesty limes and fiery fresh jalapeños. Top off your salad or grilled chicken or opt for tortilla chips, because this salsa goes with virtually anything. The incredible mash-up of tart and spice will send you back for more. Find the recipe here.

cherry_limoncello_sprtizRowena Dumlao-Giardina

Cherry Limoncello Spritz

Muddled cherries and mint with limoncello? Do you need any more convincing? This bubbly refreshing cocktail is tart, sweet and cooling with fresh mint leaves and ripened black cherries. It NEEDS to be on your go-to summer cocktail list. Find the recipe here.

crumbleErin from Delightful E Made

Cherry Almond Crumble Tart

Summertime doesn’t get any better than a crumbly fruit tart. Warm, gooey cherry filling with a buttery, brown sugar-almond topping in a crisp shell…this tart is worth it all. Find the recipe here.

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