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Extreme Hot Dogs

Extreme Hot Dogs

The week of the 4th of July is the biggest time of the years for hot dogs, over 155 million consumed. Let’s get creative with what goes on top. While mustard may be the most popular of condiments, step outside the bun and get creative with these wild ideas.
By Annelise McAuliffe


The week of the 4th of July is the biggest time of the years for hot dogs. The grilled or steamed sausage will be consumed 155 million times in less than seven days. Time magazine predicts, “That’s enough average-sized franks to stretch from L.A. to D.C. five times, with some left over.” Every year since 1972, on Independence Day, Nathan’s Famous hot dog company hosts a eating contest in Brooklyn. The record to date, including the filling bun, is 69 sausages in ten minutes.

Rather than thinking about what is inside the dog casing, let’s get creative with what goes on the outside. While mustard may be the most popular of condiments, step outside the bun and get creative with these wild garnish ideas and buns.

French Fry Coated Hot Dog
Why eat them separately when they are better together? This common Korean street food on a stick has been made doable for this 4th of July. Get the recipe.


Spicy Peach Dog
While you are being patriotic, be seasonal, too. This sweet and spicy salsa with jalapeño should be topped with sour cream or feta. Get the recipe.


Chimichanga Dog
Get your Tex-Mex on with a a chili powder, tortilla-wrapped hot dog. Once, fried warm them on the grill while the shredded cheddar cheese melts on top. Get the recipe.

chimidog 2

Tahini Weenie
Grab some hummus, cucumber, red cabbage, and scallions. Top of the colorful arrow with tzatziki sauce and you’re in business for a new spin on the traditional dog. Or try this recipe.


Kewpie Sausage
Japanese mayonnaise, pickled daikon radishes, and seaweed makes this international-flavored dog anything, but ordinary. Try this recipe.


Skunk Dawg
The name does not indicate a certain scent, but rather the brown and white stipe down the back of the hot dog. Don’t hesitate to try this unusual combo of sausage, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate sauce. Sweet and savory is always delicious. See the picture below and the list of ingredients above for the easiest recipe ever.


Healthy Cali Dog
Be an sprouts-loving, hot dog-eating American for the day. Top with avocado, sprouts, red onion, curry and cayenne for spice. Try with pickled beets, too. Get the formula.

California dog

See Also

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog
For a messy, cheesy topping, what could be more American that the infamous Mac and Cheese? Serve in a potato bun and top with parsley and hot sauce. Get the recipe.


Cubano Dog
Just like the sandwich, wrap the classic dog in ham and swiss before you throw it on the grill. Once warmed, top the bun with spicy mustard and pickles. Get the recipe here.


Fried Egg Hot Dog
It is true. A fried egg goes on just about everything. The next one should be placed on your hot dog with bacon and chives. Get the recipe.


Chili-Crunch Frito Dog
Take your stellar chili recipe up a notch by adding some crunch. Along with the classic raw onion, top your dog with the salty Frito chips. Try this recipe.


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