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Gift Guide for the Culinary Entertainer

Gift Guide for the Culinary Entertainer

We all have a hosting-hero in our bunch. The one that will plan everything from aperitif to digestif, hors d’oeuvres to dessert, so we don’t have to. Rather than a holiday basket of preserved assortments, here are some thoughtful and essential gift ideas for the culinary entertainer in your life who finds every reason to celebrate.
By Reena Retuta

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Bitters

Cocktail Bitters Gift Set (set of 5, 1/2 oz. each) $25.00

A proper welcome calls for an opening cocktail in hand. Whet the appetite with bitters from DRAM Apothecary. Infused with local Colorado foraged herbs, just a dab of this can add complexity to any aperitif. It even comes beautifully packaged in reindeer moss.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Oyster shucker

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Bottle opener

The Brew Shucker $29.95

With the help of this 2-in-1 shucker and bottle opener, the skillful entertainer can demonstrate how unhinging a briny bivalve is done.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Board $29.99

This is like rolling out the red carpet for hors-d’oeuvres. Season, sizzle, or chill an array of bites on this hand-carved savory slab. Also naturally antimicrobial, cleaning is a cinch. Simply dampen a kitchen towel and wipe down any unwanted residue from the surface.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Robbins_Family_Farm_Tuscan_Olive_Oil

Robbins Family Farm Tuscan Oil (12.6 oz) $22.50

Dress, drizzle, and dip liberally. This olive oil is from a small family farm in California. They sustainably grow their trees and hand-pick the olives using traditional olive rakes and chest buckets. The olives are milled within just a few hours of picking to assure the highest quality and flavor.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Carafe

Bormioli Rocco Premium Carafe (50.5 oz) $18.99

This elegant versatile piece can be used for water, decanting wine, sangria, or any chilled beverage.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer wine charms

Chalkboard Wine Charms (set of 6) $7.99

Attach these forget-me-nots to stemmed glassware. Thirsty guests can easily spot their misplaced glass-half-full just in time to toast the entertainer.


Gift Guide for the Entertainer Cheese knife set

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5-piece Set of Esquire Cheese Block and Knives $29.00

The warm scent of curd tinges the air, which means the fromage is making its way to the table. This deep rosewood magnetic block displays four stainless steel knives ready to slice into any gooey centered wheel.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer 2-tone-large-marble-board

2-Tone Large Marble Board $24.95

A simple and sophisticated designed piece to serve both cheese and sweet delights atop.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Bialetti Espresso Maker

Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker (Serves 1 – 12, 2 oz. cups) $24.95 – $59.95

No need for a finicky state-of-the-art coffee machine to mess around with. This classic Italian essential makes an uncomplicated, rich, aromatic brew after the feast is finito.

Gift Guide for the Entertainer Glencairn whiskey glasses

Award Winning Glencairn Whisky Glasses (set of 4) $49.95

Time to sit back and digest. Properly nose and sip your whiskey in these Irish and Scottish distiller approved glasses.

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