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Coffee Culture: Quills Coffee, Louisville

Coffee Culture: Quills Coffee, Louisville

Patience pays off as Bill is finally able to make a long-awaited visit at Quills Coffee of Louisville, KY
By Bill Walsh



Subject: Quills Coffee
Location: Louisville, KY
WiFi?: Yes
Rating: 6+ [see key] Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map Series

While I’ve been writing about my coffeehouse adventures since 2006, few places have sat on my list of “must visit” as long as Quills Coffee. Way back in the beginnings of my blog, they shot me a quick note and mentioned to stop by the next time I was in Louisville. And year after year they remained on that list solely because I could not get Louisville onto any of my itineraries. But when I was finally able to solidify recent plans to the Ville, I made a definitive plan to visit Quills.



How sweet it was one glorious, sunny morning when I was able to finally walk through the front doors of their Baxter Avenue location with my 3 year-old son. The front windows were streaming in the early sunshine and the many seats were just beginning to fill up with eager patrons. The shop had an open ambiance full of exposed brick, dark walls and globe lights, a look that worked perfect for the long shop.



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I made my way over to the front counter to place my order. I settled upon an espresso of their Blacksmith blend and a v60 of their Ethiopian Konga Yirgacheffe. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, smacked of toasted nuts, lemon, vanilla, sage and a dash of pepper, making for a sweet and delicious extraction. The Konga pourover packed a fruity explosion, dealing out bright blueberry, caramel, peanut candy, pound cake and slight oolong within a flavorful, light bodied brew.

After waiting over half a decade, Quills proved every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. If you happen to be in Louisville or New Albany, Indiana, fill up your inkwell at Quills Coffee.

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