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Brew Tip: Off Color Brewing’s Bare Bear

Brew Tip: Off Color Brewing’s Bare Bear

Try this refreshing Finnish-style sahti beer with notes of juniper.


Bare Bear

Type: Sahti
Location: Brewed by Off Color Brewing, Illinois
Alcohol: 7%
Glass Recommendation: Pint glass or stein mug
Pair With: Because of its fruity juniper notes, this beer would go well with the unique spices of Indian foods. It would also do well with an herby salad, roasted game meats, or a spicy bratwurst or chili.

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Appearance: Reddish-brown
Aroma: Fruit spices with some sour notes

Sahti beers originated in Finland as a special beverage served at weddings and is said to be brewed in Finnish saunas. The fact that it is never boiled and includes juniper makes it unique. While these beers are usually higher in alcohol, the come off as more refreshing because of their herbal and floral notes and are great to enjoy in warmer weather. This beer is a great place to start if you haven’t had a sahti before, plus it has a fun label.

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