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Beef Tartare from Restaurant Raimondi, Lake Como, Italy

Beef Tartare from Restaurant Raimondi, Lake Como, Italy

A drool-worthy beef tartare recipe from Restaurant Raimondi in Lake Como, Italy  – Bellissimo!

Beef Tartare from Restaurant Raimondi, Lake Como, Italy

There is something very special about Lake Como. Sure George Clooney has made it UBER famous but before it was a hot-spot for celebrity spotting, it was and still is a magical place to visit.

Recently I was lucky enough to call it home for 2 nights with my family. One of the best restaurants I stumbled on was oddly enough in a hotel

Hotel Villa Flori sits on the Western side of Lake Como, offering amazing views ( yes! you were really must go the gym on the top floor and check out the view) but the restaurant really stands out too.

Chef MARCO PEVERELLI of Restaurant Raimondi has cooked for some pretty big celebrities including Robert DeNiro and his risotto ranks as one of the best I’ve eaten in Northern Italy. Bellissimo!


Chef Marco shares one of his dishes with me, Beef Tartare


800 gr  Beef Fillet

250 gr  Red Onion

100ml  Olive oil

250 gr  Lemon sauce

50 gr    Chives

100 gr  Caper fruits

10 gr   Salt

5 gr   White peppercorns




Skin the onion and slice thin it.

Put the onion in a container with warm water, lemon and a little bit of salt. Leave it marinated for an half an hour and then drain.

Cut the fillet with knife in small squares pieces and put everything in a container. Season with oil, lemon, chives (sliced thin), salt and pepper.

Compose the meat as an hamburger. Put the meat in a plate and add on the red onions (season with extra virgin olive oil) and capers around the plate.




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