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A Sunny Escape from Winter in Tobago

A Sunny Escape from Winter in Tobago

In the midst of an East Coast winter, take a mental and edible journey to the beaches of Tobago.

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While there are many sun options to envision, I dream of the island of Tobago. The “sister” island of mainland Trinidad located in the West Indies, far away from any encounters of Arctic Blasts or Polar Vortexes. With a population of approximately 70,000 as quaint as it is, Tobago is a small package filled with endless sunshine wonders. Yes this includes beaches, waterfalls, hiking, sightseeing, relaxing in clothing which do not include a parka coat and woolly scarf wrapped around your mouth. Not to forget the palm tree galore which will make your Instagram feed  envied and re-gram worthy.

With over ten sandy shore options for you to soak up your quota for Vitamin D for the day, Store Bay is a popular favorite spot among locals and tourists. As cliche as it may sound, the waters are  pristine clear blue surrounded by cream colored sand. For some, this is the epitome of what is needed to recover from a polar vortex but others who may want more adventure, Store Bay also contains hidden gems such as the Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef. The Nylon Pool, located in the middle of the sea can be accessed via boat, it is an adventure getting there which concludes with immersing yourself in calm and still waters. Definitely a mythical place for anyone who is highly interested in skin care as the the sand is an excellent exfoliate and guaranteed not to have any traces of chemicals. Whereas the Buccoo Reef accessible via a glass bottomed boat, features the islands marine life which can be seen through the boat. Visitors can also snorkel their way around the island for an interactive adventure.


One of the favorite gems of Store Bay, is of course the cuisine, but in truth all foods in Trinidad and Tobago are delicious. The island’s cuisine is loaded with big flavors, spicy heat and unique seasonings and ingredients, such as the tasteful bake and shark. This sandwich is a simple, fulfilling bite. It contains a well seasoned piece of fish, covered in batter then fried and placed between a golden beauty; i.e the bake. The sandwich is topped with condiments of your choice which also depends on the venue you buy from. Toppings vary from garlic sauce, tamarind sauce, coleslaw but in every venue there will be pepper sauce, as mentioned heat is a must have for the country.

Also, no visit to Tobago is complete without its signature curried crab and dumplings. Small blue crabs are cooked with a blend of ingredients like coconut milk, curry powder and are placed on top a bed of flour dumplings which are excellent for soaking in all of the crab sauces. Be prepared to get messy as you will be prying the crab with your hands, reluctant to rest it down, in hopes to get all the meat and flavor from the crab shell into your mouth.  Its a delicious messy meal you definitely cannot miss when visiting Tobago.

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In all of its beauty Tobago does have some flaws, this mainly is liked to the locals vying to do business with tourists. From renting umbrellas to renting boats or buying bake and shark, everyone is trying to make a honest living but it can be slightly overwhelming for those who are not accustomed to it.  Simply say “no thanks” and proceed with enjoying a bake and shark and soaking up the sunshine.

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