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5 Liquid Hangover Cures

5 Liquid Hangover Cures

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After an awesome evening of indulgence it is hard to keep that feeling of awesome going in the morning. While of course water is the number one way to rehydrate your aching body, there are many other drinks that can help with nausea, potassium levels, and water retention.
By Annelise McAuliffe

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Being mostly water, tea is helpful in the rehydrations process in the body. Green tea especially is cleansing, packed with antioxidants and with a little ginger can settle the stomach, too.


2. Pickle Juice
This is a popular Polish remedy. Perhaps it is meant to make you thirsty with the high salt content and encourages more water consumption. Likewise, the vinegar and salt of the juice forces water retention within the body.


3. Coconut Water
More hydrating than water itself, coconut water also contains more potassium than a banana which will help your body start feeling better in no time. Without all the dehydrating sugars of a sports drink, the water is able to replenish electrolytes within the body quickly.


4. Tomato Juice
As long as your hangover was not Bloody Mary induced, tomato juice is a great cure. Inflammation is how the body responds to injury and disruptions inside the normal flow. Acting as an anti-inflammatory, tomato juice helps to replenish the body of the nutrients it lost in the partying process.

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5. Wasabi Bath
During a dreaded hangover your body is lacking a lot of necessary nutrients and hydration. However, your body is also hanging onto many toxins that are not helping it recover. Soak out the impurities in a hot bath with a heaping tablespoon of wasabi powder to encourage the cleansing process.


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  • Ugh, pickle juice? And wasabi bath?? I dunno. I’ll stick to water – does the trick every time… but you have to have it the night before and lots of it.

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