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25 Boozy Condiments and Snacks

25 Boozy Condiments and Snacks

Booze! Not just great on the rocks or at the bar, alcohol adds a kick to your typical condiment and snacking routine. These 25 curated items by Honest Cooking offer a new taste of old favorites like hot sauce, mustard and jam. Snacks—from popcorn to pickles—are infused with your favorite spirits. Made with beer, wine, and liquors like tequila and whiskey, these boozy accompaniments will complement any occasion.
by Maya Dangerfield



Bourbon Infused Chipotle Hot Sauce from CA John’s

Use carefully! A hot sauce with a serious kick, this Habanero sauce is infused with Jim Beam bourbon.  $9

Southern Dipping Ketchup from Elbow Foods

Mix-up your typical ketchup routine with this gourmet variety made with Kentucky Bourbon. $18

Pappy’s Hottest Ride in Town from Bourbon Q

With capsicum and Kentucky bourbon this spicy barbeque sauce is sure to heat up any grill. $9

Café Tequila Hot Sauce from Kalahari Pepper Company

Made with 100% agave tequila this hot sauce is full of fire and spirit. $8


Mustard 1

Beer Mustard by Anarchy in a Jar

The brown ale in this mustard is balanced by brown sugar and smoked paprika. $13

Sweet and Hot Whiskey Mustard by From the Garden Table

A perfect accompaniment to any charcuteria board this sweet and tangy mustard will please any connoisseur. $5

Tequila Jalapeno Kiss Mustard from Little Thief Mustard Company

Kissed with a taste of tequila this mustard by Little Thief Mustard Company is a well-balanced addition to any meal. $8

Jalapeno Whiskey Mustard from Sutter Buttes Olive Oil

One part Jalapeno peppers, one part whiskey, this moderately spicy mustard bursts with flavor. $8

Bobcat Bourbon Smoky Bourbon’ero Gourmet Mustard Sauce from Montana Redneck

This mustard sauce is infused with Bourbon and pairs well with grilled meats and veggies. $9

Wild Boar Bourbon Mustard from Fat Bastard

Made with white wine and bourbon this spicy mustard is finished with cayenne peppers. $7

Jams, Marmalade, and Preserves


 Ginger Preserve With Malt Whisky from Mrs Bridges

A ginger preserve finished with malt whiskey, this UK favorite is sure to please stateside. $8

Brew-ha-habanero from One Screw Loose

Beer-lovers rejoice! This lively jam is infused with habaneros and a hoppy IPA beer. $8

Wine Lover Jam Pack from Three Little Figs

A trio of ‘Grown Up Grape’, ‘Peach Prosecco Bellini’, and ‘Cabernet Cracked Pepper’ are jams that sure to please any wine lover. $32

 Orange Marmalade with whiskey from Mackays

Marmalade gets a kick with the addition of Scotland’s best-selling whiskey. $9

Hefenweizen with Orange Beer Jelly from Potlicker Kitchen

Enjoying a beer just got a little sweeter with this Harpoon Hefeweizen and orange beer jelly. $ 7

 Champagne, Ginger and Peach Jam from Artisanal Goods NW

Made with fresh peaches, gingermand Champagne this jam works on everything from crackers to shrimp and grits. $8

Bar Sides and Pickles


 Pinot Cherries from Friend in Cheeses Jam Company

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This duo of cherries stewed in Pinot Noir is the perfect accompaniment for cheese and crackers. $20

 Vermouth Tipsy Olives from Sable & Rosenfeld

What’s better than snacking on bar olives? Why, snacking on boozy olives courtesy of Sable & Rosenfeld. $10

 Whiskey Sour Pickles from Brooklyn Brine

Made with McKenzie rye whiskey and finished with dill peppers, these pickles are a boozy pick-me-up for any day. $12



Lime in the Coconut Bar from Liddabit Sweets

Dark chocolate surround coconut that’s been teased with white rum and lime. Chocolate lovers rejoice! $9

Boozy Popcorn Variety Pack from Butter & Scotch

Movie night just got a whole lot better! A trio of Hot Toddy Carmel Corn, Dark & Stormy, and Green Chile Margarita Popcorn comprise this boozy popcorn pack. $ 24

Rum Sugar Blend from Old Salt Merchants

Well, technically it’s not a snack but it does make snacking so much better! $9

Spirits Infused Salt Trio by Frankie & Coco Kitchenette

This three-pack of infused salts comes with ‘Tequila Chili Lime’, ‘Chipotle Bourbon’ and ‘Vodka Lemon’ varieties. $18

Guinness Marshmallows from Sweet Jumbles

Made with Guinness these twelve artisanal marshmallows by Sweet Jumbles are the perfect gift for beer lovers with sweet teeth. $8

Beer & Caramel Pretzel Nuggets from Roni-Sue Chocolates

Made with Martin’s Pretzels and beer from Brooklyn Brewerythese tasty snacks are coated with a caramel beer sauce. $12.50

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