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Aska Dinner Maaemo

Buy Tickets for New York goes Oslo, Fredrik Berselius vs. Esben Holmboe Bang by emailing the restaurant at info@askanyc.com
- NOTE, price is including tax and gratuity

Aamanns Copenhagen Event


Green Garden Herring
Hay and vinegar

Lightly smoked haddock
Egg and wild herbs


Pork neck
Chicken heart, radish and juniper

Dill cheese
Elderberry, rye puffs

Cherry and lavander

Jerusalem artichoke
Coffee and caramel

Buy Tickets for Aamanns Copenhagen vs. Chef & Sommelier, Dinner 8 Course Tasting Menu by calling Aamanns-Copenhagen reservations at 212.925.1313 – NOTE, price is including tax and gratuity

Aquavit Dinner Tasting Menu

Nantucket Bay Scallops
Tapioca, American Hackleback Caviar

Fennel Salted Norwegian Halibut
Crudités, Brown Butter Mayo

Beet Cured Gravlax
“Forgotten Beet”, Blood Orange, Shaved Foie Gras

Veal Sweetbreads
Charred Langoustine, Hazelnuts, Tarragon Emulsion

Flaky Cod
Roasted Shrimp Vierge, “Gentlement’s Delight”, Horseradish

Norwegian King Crab
Pulled Oxtail, Chanterelles

Arla Unika Cheeses

Goat Cheese Sherbert
Spiced Bread, Caramelized Apple

Buy Tickets for Aquavit vs Sjömagasinet, Swedish Legends Dinner Tasting Menu by calling Aquavit reservations at 212-307-7311.
NOTE, price is including tax and gratuity

Acme NYC Dinner

Buy Tickets for ACME vs. Dill, Taste of Iceland in New York Dinner 8 Course Menu by calling ACME reservations at 212.203.2121 – NOTE, price is including tax and gratuity

Norwegian Seafood Dinner

Bar Snack
Norwegian Halibut
Tartare with apple, cucumber, dill, mustard and rye chips

Trio of Norwegian Salmon
Ceviche, smoked and crispy

Main Course 1
Norwegian Salmon
Nordic-spiced Norwegian Salmon with braised potatoes, beets and red wine jus

Main Course 2
Whole Grilled Norwegian Halibut for two
Make a Reservation for The Norwegian Seafood Experience at Oceana Restaurant below

Oceana (178), New York / Tri-State Area Reservations


Luksus Dinner

Buy Tickets for Epic Nordic Reunion Dinner by emailing Luksus reservations at reservation@torstnyc.com
NOTE, price is including tax and gratuity