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Honest Cooking is a revolutionary food website that features some of the world’s most successful and interesting food and wine writers, bloggers, chefs and photographers. Our team of contributors is already fantastic, but we have a few slots open for another couple of amazing talents:

You have:

- Strong food and (or) wine/spirits writing skills, proven in either blog or traditional media

- True passion, knowledge and dedication to food and (or) wine & spirits

- Time and commitment to be a regular contributor

- Photo savvy, with access to a good camera


Please submit to contributor(at)honestcooking(dot)com:

- A little about yourself

- What your area of passion/expertise is – and what you would like to write about

- Some links to things you have written – or photos you have taken

- Your blog (if you have one)


Areas where we have open spots:

- Surprise us (top choice)

- Food News – What’s cooking around the globe?

- Wine – local or global angles, reviews, wine pairings

- Beer - local or global angles, reviews, beer pairings

- Spirits – local or global angles, reviews, history

- South America – food scene and South American food

- Mid-East – food scene and Mid-Eastern food

- New York – food scene

- Paris – food scene, and French food

- London – food scene, and British food

- Barbecue Specialists

- Restaurant reviews from across the globe

- Restaurant life, behind the scenes

- Local food & ethical food choices


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

- Have a strong opinion about something food & wine related? Legislation, production, Michelin Guide, celebrity chefs, food trends, health or anything else that you think people should read? Send us your opinion article in an email to contributor@honestcooking.com together with an image of exactly 495×400 pixels, and a headshot of yourself.

We do not guarantee that your article will be published, but you will hear back from us.