Is it ‘Ham’ or is it ‘Fashion’?

The French word for a silk scarf is foulard. The word is composed by fou (insane) and lard (bacon). Eric Sohl talks of an unusual garment.
By Eric Sohl

About 1500 years ago a Chinese silkworm found it’s way to France to produce silk in Europe. In the country of the «bon vivants» it accidently landed in a butcher’s shop on top of a slice of bacon. Hmm, so soft and tasty, thought the vegetarian worm with surprise, and with verve started to build a cocoon.

As the cocoon grew more and more the butcher’s wife, a sophisticated lady, noticed it. Is this bacon going insane, she thought, but shortly after, she spotted the little worm who found itself in a new paradise. I will make the most beautiful scarf from your silk, she promised and kept feeding the silkworm with the best bits of bacon she could find. After three month she was proudly wearing the most shiny silk scarf that she would come to call, with affection, my “foulard“.

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Eric Sohl

Eric Sohl

Eric Sohl is Editor in Chief of Tasting and Living.com He has a strong appetite for international food and travel. Together with a team of bloggers based in Brussels, Belgium, he scouts the world to report back on all things foodie.

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Originally Published: January 17, 2013

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