Grilled Peaches – a Summertime Favorite

Grilled Peaches are one of those treats that you can serve almost anytime of day. Brush with vegetable oil, place on a hot grill until charred – then drizzle with honey and sprinkle with salt and you’re set.
By Deena Wachtel

Peach season is fleeting.

Sure, we get peaches quite a bit here in Southern California… but summer peaches, those peaches that are so juicy that it’s almost a whole body experience to attempt to stay juice-free, are a real treat.

Ironically, I didn’t like peaches as a kid.  Not even a little.  I didn’t like the fuzzy outside or the fact that they were so soft.  I remember one year at sleep away camp, on “special” days the counselors would come by with either peaches and plums for an afternoon snack.  I HATED those days.  I didn’t like plums and peaches were just too juicy, too soft and too messy.  My best fried would always ask to eat mine and I gladly gave it to her.  I would rather go hungry or thirsty than eat a peach.  I tried.  But I just couldn’t even get past the first bite.  What was I thinking!!!

The good new is, based on my kid-dislike and adult-obsession for peaches, I can infer that my kids may come to love tomatoes one day.

Anyway, I’ve been using peaches quite a bit in the kitchen these days.  Sure, I still enjoy them straight from the farmer’s market – juice running down to my elbow, flesh giving way under the slightest pressure.  But I’ve been enjoying them other ways too.

Like over chicken (I’m working on getting this recipe… stay tuned).

Or grilled.

Grilled Peaches are one of those treats that you can serve almost anytime of day.

Brush with some vegetable oil, place cut-side-down on a hot grill until charred and then drizzle with honey and sprinkle with salt (if you like the salty/sweet combo like I do) and you’re set!

I serve these as a side dish when I’m grilling, but you can easily top with a bit of whipped cream and serve them for dessert…or keep the left overs for breakfast the next day.

But be quick!  You probably don’t have a camp counselor handing out perfectly ripe peaches every afternoon and before you know it these summer peaches will be out of season and you’ll be sorry …

Deena Wachtel

Deena is a stay at home foodie, obsessed with food and intent on changing her finicky family into a foodie family. She lives by a set of FOODosophies and has pledged to get her kids into the kitchen to teach them how to cook and love good tasting food. It's not always pretty and there are nights when the kids go hungry. But, for her, it's all for the greater good. She blogs daily at

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