Food Trucks in Adelaide – Sneaky Pickle

For a simple $9 you receive a great pulled pork burger at the Sneaky Pickle food truck in Adelaide.
By Celeste Wong

Food Trucks in Adelaide - Sneaky Pickle

Food trucks in Adelaide are becoming less and less uncommon, but are in no way in danger of losing their novelty cred. The minute I heard that a new food truck was on the streets of Adelaide, I made it my first priority to sink my teeth into their latest offerings.

In this case, it was Sneaky Pickle with their claim to fame with pickles and pulled pork that caught my attention.

For a simple $9 you receive the above: Pulled pork burger, BBQ corn and pickles. Nine dollars!? I couldn’t believe it. Often, $9 wouldn’t even get you a complete burger let alone one that came with corn and pickles. A-hah, Sneaky Pickle was already well on its way up in my heart!

Biting into the burger, you cannot but help marvelling at the juiciness of the pulled pork and the crunchy slaw. My one problem with the burger was how messy it was. Or maybe, I’m just a messy eater. I ended up having to hover in a rather unsightly manner over the little cardboard tray in order to catch any of my runaway pulled pork.

Food Trucks in Adelaide - Sneaky Pickle

Still, you cannot deny that they are tasty and flavoursome burgers. Wash it down with BBQ corn and pickles, and I sat back happily satisfied. This combined with the lazy afternoon sun in Hindmarsh Square while I hid beneath the shady trees made for a very enjoyable lunch indeed. Would I go back? Next chance I get!

Celeste Wong

Celeste Wong

A lover of all things beautiful, Celeste has travelled to many countries to marvel at all the different cultures, food and beauties that gives the country its mystery. Writing for BerryTravels.com and Becoming-Beautiful.com, she strives to share as much of herself while still enjoying life to its fullest.

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Originally Published: March 4, 2013

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