Easy White Chocolate Fruit Hearts

A stunning Valentine’s Day treat does not have to be difficult to make. Check out these white chocolate hearts easily made beautiful with a cookie cutter and fresh fruit.
By Kelli Van

Easy White Chocolate Fruit Hearts

This recipe was inspired by the infamous Valentine’s treat- chocolate dipped strawberries except this version is way easier, less perfect and basically fail-proof. Don’t be fooled, however, it’s just as yummy! You can make these a few days in advance, but they should be refrigerated and consumed within a week since the berries are fresh.

Easy White Chocolate Fruit Hearts

Here’s my secret to melting chocolate. I use the microwave version (the amateur way). I start with putting half a cup of white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 40 secs. Take out and stir. Heat for another 20 secs. Take out and stir again. Repeat the process until the chocolate has fully melted. It took me about 4 cycles of microwaving. This may vary depending on your microwave. Be careful to not overheat the chocolate otherwise it will become lumpy and grainy. It this case, stir in a little bit of oil or butter and let it sit for a few minutes. This should fix the consistency.

Easy White Chocolate Fruit Hearts

With this, you are basically making chocolate barks so nothing needs to be perfect. Also, the ingredients can vary based on your taste. For example, you can substitute the white chocolate with dark chocolate, add dried cranberries, use different types of nuts, etc. The possibilities are endless!

It’s very important to line your pan with parchment paper. This will save your life! After the chocolate sets, you can easily lift it off the paper. Also- another tip, don’t allow the chocolate to harden all the way prior to cutting it with the cookie cutters. It’ll be too brittle and break into pieces. You want the chocolate to be fudge-like in consistency when cutting out the heart shapes.

Other berries to consider for this recipe are raspberries and blackberries. If you prefer a longer shelve life treat, I would opt for dried fruits/berries.

Easy White Chocolate Fruit Hearts
A stunning Valentine's Day treat does not have to be difficult to make. Check out these white chocolate hearts easily make beautiful with a cookie cutter and fresh fruit.
Recipe Type: Dessert, Chocolate
  • About 1 pound of white chocolate, melted
  • Fresh or dried berries
  • Nut, optional (I used sliced almonds)
  1. Line a pan with parchment and top with berries, dried fruit, nuts, or any other topping you are using.
  2. Pour melted chocolate on top of the berries and nuts.
  3. Add more berries and nuts on top of the melted chocolate.
  4. Allow chocolate to set, but not completely harden. Use heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the bark into beautiful treats. Enjoy nibbling on the leftover edges!


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