Taylor Mathis and Sally James

Sally James and Taylor Mathis are a mother and son duo from Charlotte, NC. Sally, a professional recipe developer, and Taylor, a professional Food and Lifestyle photographer, work together to create beautiful and delicious recipes designed to be eaten anywhere! Together they are the creators and authors of the food Blog Taylor Takes A Taste and worked together on The Southern Tailgating Cookbook.

Loaded Baked Potato Skins

Filled with delicious flavors, these loaded potato skins are the life of the party. Crispy skin on the outside and a customizable combination on the inside.

Buttery Brioche Rolls

Buttery rolls are perfect to take on a picnic, serve a slider on, or mop up delicious BBQ sauce. With this versatility you can enjoy them all summer long.

Lemon Spiced Walnuts

Spiced nuts make a great snack with a cocktail, on a salad, or as the topping on brie. These lemon sugar walnuts are perfect for spring.

Turkey Pot Pie Soup Recipe

Comforting Turkey Pot Pie Soup

This Turkey Pot Pie Soup has all the flavors of a traditional pot pie, but in a soup form. If your favorite part of the pies is the crust, you will love the crispy crusts that top this soup.

Red Pepper Jam

Red Pepper Jam

Try this red pepper jam on your sausage sandwich at your next tailgate or cookout for an extra dimension of flavor.