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How to Make a Poke Bowl

It is safe to say, the poke craze has hit the continental US. So what is it? (By the way it’s pronounced “po-kay”) Poke is a raw fish salad that Hawaiians have been making for centuries, even if they didn’t call it by the specific name of “poke” at the beginning. Hawaii is a vastly multicultural place, and each cultural group and even each family had their own special version. So there are Hawaiian interpretations, Japanese interpretations and more. Tuna seems to be the most traditional main ingredient, but there are versions out there that use salmon, shrimp or even tofu.


Coconut Rum Mousse

This delightful dessert is gluten free and easily vegan-izable. It has only four ingredients: coconut cream, chocolate, salt, and rum!

Roasted Honey Chicken

A whole roasted chicken with lemons and potatoes is easy to accomplish, but still impressive. Glaze with honey for a beautiful crispy skin.

Vegetarian Lentil Chili

An easy, comforting fall chili that’s vegetarian to boot. This warm bowl of goodness with warm the soul and give your home a beautiful aroma on a cool day.