Judith Klinger

Judith Klinger is a culinary events producer, former Director of Operations for the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Judith and her husband, Jeff Albucher are the creators of Aroma Cucina, an Italian lifestyle blog. She is the author of Cooking Simply The Italian Way.

Creamy Red Onion Soup

Creamy Red Onion Soup

Soup doesn’t have to be a long drawn out, multi-hour event. You can make this creamy red onion soup in about half an hour.

Grandma’s Finnish Biscuit

Grandma’s Finnish Biscuit

Finnish food gets a bad rap but there is plenty to love from the Scandinavian country, including this sweet, cardamom-scented breakfast loaf.

Loving Asparagus - 4 Ways

Loving Asparagus – 3 Ways

You have to like asparagus if you are in Italy in the spring. There is no escaping the spears, they are in every mercato, every supermarket, on every menu.