Jessica Dang

Jessica Dang is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media consultant based in New York City. She is currently developing Single Girl Dinner, an online community and resource of dinner ideas for young independent women living in the city. She enjoys reading menus, dining at the bar, and experimenting in the kitchen when no one's looking. When it comes to food, she can't resist uni, foie gras, caviar, or Popeyes' fried chicken.

Pot Au Feu: A French Peasant Soup

Somewhere along the lines, the culinary world eschewed boiled meats and vegetables as “bland” and “boring”–favoring, instead, techniques like searing, blanching, and sautéing. This could not be further from the truth. The basic method of boiling can transform carrots, cabbages and turnips into exquisite vegetables that melt in your mouth–and tough cuts of meat, like brisket or shanks, into tender and succulent wonders.

How to Peel a Garlic Clove

How to Peel a Garlic Clove

You don’t have to claw at garlic with your fingers or smash it dramatically with the side of the knife to peel a perfect clove.