The Beauty of a Dinner Party

Scoping out the trendiest restaurant is all the rage but at-home dinner party can be just as magical, and much more intimate.
By Jessica Dang
The Beauty of a Dinner Party
New York City might be filled with some of the best and trendiest restaurants in the world, but an invitation to a dinner party in a private home is the kind of thing you dream of. Why? As a singleton, it’s really the best way to meet new friends. Dinner party guests are more often than not the cream of the crop out of the host’s/hostess’ social circle.

My apartment is sadly not designed for entertaining a dinner party, so I feel like a lucky girl when I’m welcomed into someone’s home. These invitations come by-way of friends, acquaintances, or even through people that I’ve met years ago and somehow I made it into their circulation. In any case, it always makes me feel honored. Attending a nice dinner party is a way more meaningful night than staying in bed and eating Greek yogurt, that’s for sure. (Although, I wouldn’t dare knock that, seeing as how I’m currently in my bed, digging into a little container of Fage Total 2% with Strawberry in between thoughts.)

Every dinner party has been memorable in one way or another. I once attended one on the Lower East Side where “dessert” was quite the spectacle. The hostess built an edible Empire State Building creation from store-bought pound cakes and spackled loads of homemade frosting to stick the blocks of cake together while everyone had a post-meal mingle. So imaginative.

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