Janette Fuschi

Hi, my name is Janette, originally from England, currently living in Southern California. I'm the author, recipe developer, photographer and resident redhead behind Culinary Ginger. I grew up in a household with 4 siblings where my mother cooked a from scratch meal for us every night. I took an interest at an early age in cooking and learned a lot by helping and watching my mother in the kitchen. Today that tradition is carried on my household in that I also like to cook every night. I like to use only fresh ingredients, no processed or pre-packaged foods are allowed in my kitchen. I like to try new recipes and adapt current ones from all cuisines. In addition to all of this, I am fortunate that I get to travel with my husband for business and this allows me to explore and document my findings here for you to read and hopefully, take something with you.

Baked Chicken Taquitos

These Baked Chicken Taquitos are a healthier baked version of the fried favorite. Crockpot Mexican shredded chicken and cheese are rolled in tortillas and baked until crispy.

Adobo Chicken Wings

Baked Adobo Chicken Wings are a flavorful finger food. Wings are baked to crispy perfection then bathed in a delicious adobo sauce made with dried peppers and spices.

All-American Patty Melt

This classic patty melt recipe is an all-American sandwich. There are few things better than meat topped with caramelized onions, melted cheese and served toasted on delicious rye bread.


Homemade Barbacoa Tacos

When you are craving a meat-loaded taco, these slow cooker barbacoa tacos will satisfy. Beef roast is slowly cooked in a homemade guajillo chile pepper sauce until it is fall apart. Serve it simply in tortillas with red onion and cilantro.


Salted Caramel Shake

This salted caramel shake with dates is so addicting. It’s the perfect summer dessert that will also cool you off.


Classic Bolognese Sauce

This traditional Bolognese sauce is made using all the authentic ingredients like beef, pork, fresh tomato purée, then cooked low and slow for hours to develop a rich, hearty taste.


Chorizo Filled Mushrooms

Flavorful chorizo filled mushrooms are a great, spicy tapas appetizer that can easily be paired with a fruity Garnacha red wine.


Soy Honey Chicken

Marinated and baked, these drumsticks are so finger-licking flavorful and make enough to easily feed a crowd.


Pistachio and Orange Cake

A nutty pistachio cake is slightly sweetened by a whipped cream and orange frosting to make a stunning layered cake with beautiful fall hues.

Baked Halibut with Sweet Potato Gratin

Lemon zest with tomatoes and olives give this halibut and potato gratin a great Mediterranean flavor. Who says fresh, good eating had to be boring?