Becky Winkler

Becky Winkler is an enthusiastic eater who shares paleo and gluten-free recipes on her blog, A Calculated Whisk. She enjoys chopping chocolate, salting dessert, searing short ribs, and taking pictures. In her other life, she's a grad student in Boston.

Grain-Free Skillet Cookie

This gooey grain-free skillet cookie is super easy to mix up right in the pan–no bowl required! What are you waiting for?

Red Curry Shrimp

If you have a busy week ahead, but need good food to fuel your days, try buttered red curry shrimp over rice, noodles or on their own. It can be done in minutes.

Decadent Mocha Ice Cream

This no-churn ice cream can is made with homemade sweetened condensed milk that will show up any store-bought can and blow any other mocha espresso ice cream out of the water.