5 Ways to Use Potato Chip Crumbs

Waste not, want not. We all know that the crumbs near the end of the potato chip bag are far less desirable than the whole chips at the top. So, here are five delicious ways to use up those salty shards. Check out these ideas for your potato chip crumbs.

Fun tip: The next time your making a crust, swap out crushed graham cracker crumbs for potato chip crumbs!

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Chip-Crusted Baked Onion Rings

Add some crunch to your homemade onion rings without a fryer. Plus, if you use a fun flavored potato chip, your rings will be extra special. See the recipe.

5 Ways to Use Potato Chip Crumbs

Chocolate, Pecan and Potato Chips Bars

A decadent cookie crust is laden with pecans, smeared with smooth dark and milk chocolate, topped with crispy potato chips and drizzled with caramel. See the recipe.

5 Ways to Use Potato Chip Crumbswww.bakedbyrachel.com

Chocolate and Potato Chip Cookies

Add some salty potato chip crumbs to your sweet, chewy chocolate chip cookies. See the recipe.

5 Ways to Use Potato Chip Crumbswww.foodiecrush.com

Potato Chip Chicken

Let crunchy potato chips be your coating to create crispy baked chicken breasts. See the recipe.

5 Ways to Use Potato Chip Crumbs

Magic Bars

Magic bars are all about the layers and the perfect combination of sweet and salty ingredeints. Add potato chip crumbs to take your next batch to a whole new level. See the recipe.

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