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Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail

Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail

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This drink screams of summer. With tropical flavors of fresh lime, mango, and tajin spices, this vodka cocktail is ready to be made and sipped away under the sun.

Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail

This spring I’ve been on a total vodka kick, it’s the perfect spirit to complement any festive cocktail.

Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail

I’ve discovered the best vodka and I just had to share! Zubrowka (ZU Bison Grass vodka) is my new cocktail secret, it’s mildly sweet vanilla note makes it the perfect ingredient to pair with not only spring flavors but summer savors.

Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail

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I created an exotic cocktail to ring in the travel season! I love Mexican flavors so I decided to make a spicy mango cocktail that’s flavorful but not overpowering. I like call my cocktail the Angelino fruit cart to represent the street vendor offerings in my adorable neighborhood. I hope this recipe gives you an excuse to celebrate the season with friends and neighbors!

Tropical Spiced Mango Cocktail


  • Author: Celeste Wilson
  • Category: Cocktail, Drink


  • 1/4 cup Tajin seasoning
  • 1.5 oz or one shot glass of ZU Bison Grass Vodka
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 6 fresh mango ribbons (use fruit peeler to peel mango and continue peeling mango flesh to create ribbons)
  • 3 oz sparkling white wine
  • Ice


  1. Place Tajin seasoning on a small plate. Press the rim of a chilled rocks glass into the Tajin to rim the glass, set glass aside rim up.
  2. Add mango ribbons and ZU Bison Grass Vodka to your rimmed glass
  3. Muddle mango ribbons for about 30 seconds in vodka
  4. Add fresh lime juice and sparkling wine to your muddled vodka
  5. Add ice to your cocktail and stir until well combined
  6. Slice a remaining lime, add one lime into the cocktail, and add one to the rim for garnish
  7. Cut a slice off of your mango, dip it in remaining Tajin, and add it to the rim of your cocktail for garnish

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