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Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

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There are few things better than lots of cheese for dinner. There is also nothing easier than creating a cheese spread with lots of accompaniments to satisfy any guests. Here are tips to creating the perfect cheese board.


Add Chocolate

Jam on a cheese board? Sure! Ganache? Why not?! Bring some decadence to your cheese spread with an awesome chili-ganache. Sweet and savory never looked better together. See the recipe.

Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Make Your Own Crackers

This tip may sound tedious, but it really isn’t and makes all the difference in the world. What goes better with a great cheese than a buttery cracker made with even more cheese? Try the recipe!

Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Highlight the Season

With spring making its grand debut, we want to be sure to feature corresponding refreshing flavors and ingredients. Try making easy pickled fennel, or buttery spring ramp gougères,

Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Play with Sweet and Salty

Sweet, creamy cheeses or bold salty cheeses come together to create a balanced board. Make sure your accompaniments also hit both notes. Feature salty meats and sweet fruits. Or, combine the flavors in one crunchy bite. We are thinking this sweet and salty caramel corn (Popcorn on a cheese board? Yes, and you will never look back!) or salted candied walnuts.

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Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Add a Unique Jam

From bacon jam to a sweet chia seed jam, there are so many options to make sure a boring spread doesn’t make its way onto your board. Try this bacon jam recipe (pictured above!) or this easy chia seed jam.


For more stunning cheese board spreads and ideas, click here.

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  • If you love to travel and love cheese; treat yourself to the wooden box of French cheeses sold in Charles de Gaulle Airport. Once you finish the cheese, you still have a fun rustic box to use on your table.

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