Taiwanese Hot Pot Meal at Sweet Home Cafe

Located in a small and tucked away strip mall in Honolulu, this restaurant offers a fun experience to try many customizable hot broths.

By MLiss A Hinshaw
Sweet Home Cafe Dessert
Sweet Home Cafe, a Taiwanese hot pot restaurant in Honolulu bustling with locals seriously slurping different combinations steeping in the pots. Located in a small and tucked away strip mall in the Moiliili neighborhood, the restaurant is a fun experience to try many hot broths and add a multitude of meats, vegetables and noodles. After I picked the lemon grass broth and spicy broth, I went to the refrigerator case and finally decided on Chinese cabbage, Udon noodles and pork dumplings. This is an independent dining opportunity and while the broth is simmering, the other ingredients are added and within a few minutes, ready to eat. To be a tad bit adventurous, I added garlic ginger sauce but not quite brave enough to add beef tongue or exotic fishes.

Dessert is a refreshing combination of shaved ice, almond panna cota, coffee pudding and topped with fruits. The restaurant is known to have long lines waiting to dine and besides the very delicious food, its inexpensive too. I’m sure I won’t get sick for years after eating the healthy soup!

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