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Whole Wheat Banana Bread

A deliciously moist healthy banana bread made with whole wheat and no butter. It is refined sugar free and perfect for breakfast or a midday snack!

Peanut Butter and Flax Granola

Filled with healthful oats, whole wheat flour, peanut and honey, this granola forms into perfect crunchy chunks that tastes like a peanut butter cookie. Serve at breakfast with Greek yogurt for a sweet start to the day.

Sweet Potato Roti Flatbread

Soft and chewy, these breads are lightly spiced with a touch of sweetness from the potatoes. They are the perfect balance for serving with spicy curries.

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Pancakes

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Pancakes

These surprisingly nutritious pancakes come together in just minutes, and are so sinfully delicious you’ll think you’re having dessert for breakfast.

Chocolate Deception Cake

Chocolate Deception Cake

You’ll never guess this cake is made with 100% whole wheat, honey, buttermilk and 2 whole cups of zucchini.

Whole Wheat Green Pizza

A pizza crust using whole wheat flour and a puree of three different greens. The result is a wholesome, pretty looking pizza crust.