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Swedish Cider Bread

Swedish Cider Bread

The fruity flavors in the Swedish cider lend this quick bread a sweetness that is enhanced by a zesty glaze.

Swedish Gravlax

Swedish Gravlax

Careful when sourcing your salmon for this classic Swedish snack, gravlax is cured but still raw.

Kalops - Swedish Beef Stew

Kalops – Swedish Beef Stew

A rich and satisfying traditional Swedish beef stew, Kalops is seasoned with white peppercorns and allspice berries.

Horse Meatballs Recipe

Swedish Horseballs Recipe

With the European horse meat scandal rolling on, we thought it best to provide our readers with a proper recipe for Swedish Horse Meatballs.

Wallenbergare Recipe

Swedish Wallenbergare Recipe

A veal burger named after the forefather of the largest industrial family in Sweden, and a true delicacy with its velvety smooth flavors.