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What’s Next With Nordic Cuisine?

We have all tasted or been influenced by the strong Nordic trend in food and design. Is it just a passing fad? Let’s see where the Nordic movement is headed next.

Scandic To Go: Mobile Hotel Room Comes to NYC

Stockholm’s Haymarket Square is coming to New York City along with Scandic’s mobile hotel for NORTH Festival for a taste of luxury accommodation and a look at a Nordic food market.

Become a Chocolate Truffle Pro

Calling all chocolate lovers! Once you master the basics of chocolate you are on your way to being able to create the bittersweet confection whenever you please. Learn how to make beautiful chocolates with FIKA’s Master Chocolatier, Håkan Mårtensson.


Danish Sunday Supper at NORTH Festival

Denmark comes to NYC with Masterchef winner Timm Vladimir. Celebrating a traditional European Sunday evening dinner, Chef Timm will recreate the Danish experience with new spins on favorite dishes.

10 Inspiring Nordic Cookbooks

Dive into New Nordic cooking philosophy with interesting books featuring foraging, local ingredients and authentic dishes. Whether they inspired you to experiment in the kitchen or travel, these books are some of our favorite culinary reads from Scandinavia.


Gothenburg: An Edible City

Michelin stars, top-class seafood, innovative chefs and a vivid agricultural landscape are great reasons why foodies love Gothenburg.

Lobster Fishing in Smögen

Smögen has a history of fishermen have been using the harbor since the 16th century. Take part in a lobster safari of fine cuisine or putter in the shops.

Exploring the Cuisine of Gothenburg and West Sweden

The provinces that make up West Sweden are Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland and all three have their own distinct, regional culinary traditions. What unites them is high-quality, natural ingredients.

Rúgbrauð: Icelandic Thunder Bread

Rúgbrauð: Icelandic Thunder Bread

Traditionally, Rúgbrauð is baked buried in the ground near hot springs. If you don’t have access to hot springs at home, adding a water bath to your oven to create steam will work just fine.

Coffee Helsinki, Finland

Coffee and Cafes in Helsinki, Finland

Coffee culture has been elevated to a near art form in Helsinki and the most dedicated practitioners have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Salmon Burger

Eat Fish Twice a Week

Eat Fish Twice a Week. The introduction of the USDA’s new “My Plate” dietary guidelines recommending at least two servings of fish per week has amped up the importance of incorporating protein-rich fish like salmon into American diets. Learn more about the Norwegian Salmon and get our favorite fish recipes.
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