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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

In a few days, you are about to have a mishmash of leftovers on your hands. Forget turkey sandwiches, a fun pizza dressed up with turkey, cranberries, stuffing and even dollops of mashed potatoes is the way to go. Plus, we have to wines that are the perfect pairs with holiday leftovers.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich

This Chicken Pesto Sandwich is really good, though. It’s super simple and easy to make. All it takes is pesto, chicken, mozzarella cheese, bread and whatever kind of toppings you like and you have yourself a delicious sandwich that you didn’t have to get from a restaurant!

Fall Ham and Sweet Potato Soup

Keep away the winter chill by cozying up to a comforting bowl of Ham and Sweet Potato Soup! This easy and delicious, paleo friendly recipe, is packed with healthy vegetables and is a great use of leftover ham.


Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles

Made with leftover potatoes, these waffles are a fancy alternative to a traditional hash. They are a special treat served with a prosciutto relish.

Mini Mushroom Pies with Eggs

With a cracking crust, these buttery wells are filled with mushrooms and herbs, then topped with a cracked egg. A baked meatless option for a quick dinner.

Turkey Pot Pie Soup Recipe

Comforting Turkey Pot Pie Soup

This Turkey Pot Pie Soup has all the flavors of a traditional pot pie, but in a soup form. If your favorite part of the pies is the crust, you will love the crispy crusts that top this soup.

Nasi Goreng

Dutch East Indian Nasi Goreng

Dutch food is greatly influenced by one of its former colonies: the Dutch East Indies. One of the most popular dishes is Nasi Goreng, a very versatile fried rice dish.