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Greek Lamb Flatbread

Much thinner than the usual pizza, this Greek Lamb Flatbread is topped with a little feta, a garlic-mint sauce and a fresh vegetables for great crunch. A perfect meal or appetizer.

Greek Nachos

Switch up your nacho game by adding Greek flavors, like olives, tzatziki sauce, cucumbers and more to the mix.

Greek Nachos

Layered with pita chips, feta, tzatziki, olives and hot sauce, these Greek nachos are so easy and delicious. A fun appetizer for your next gathering.

Greek Hummus Bites

These Greek hummus bites are a fun, flavorful appetizer that’ll really impress your guests. They take only 15 minutes to make and have a crazy array of flavors and textures, sure to please any palate.

Smoked Paprika Tomato Soup

Luscious soups do not have to take hours to create. This roasted tomato soup can be made in no time and topped with tahini, Greek yogurt, avocado, or herbs.

Chili Labneh

Feel satisfied with this DIY strained yogurt “cheese” that is so simple to make. Add spices and chilies for rich, tangy flavor.

Vegetarian Gyros

A meatless gyro with tzatziki can be just as satisfying when made with paneer cheese. Toss in a beautiful blend of spices for a flavorful, vegetarian wrap.

Savory Greek Yogurt Salad

Sweet fruit is not the only companion to yogurt. Try the savory version with a Greek salad on top and plenty of oregano and olive oil.

Greek Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

Greek spices and tzatziki sauce make this burger stand out. Sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and feta come together with arugula for a flavorful barbecue meal.


Frozen Fruit Yogurt

With only three ingredients, it is so easy to create a soft-serve frozen yogurt. Experiment with different fruits to create a bright summertime dessert.

Galaktoboureko Custard

Pronounce (ga-lahk-toe-boo-reh-koh), this Greek custard with a flaky top, cinnamon, and a lemon syrup is wonderful at any meal. The sweet spanakopita.

Greek-Style Grilled Cheese

This is a full fat, comforting sandwich. We combined Muenster cheese with salty feta, and earthy spinach with sun-dried tomatoes for the perfect balance.

Ground Turkey Greek Burger

Ground Turkey Greek Burger

Turkey patties get filled with spices, herbs and shallots for flavor and topped with an array of Mediterranean accouterments before being stuffed into a pita.

Greek Style Stew

Greek Style Stew

If you don’t like chickpeas, replace them with white beans/cannellini beans or use a combo of both chickpeas and white beans. Make it your own recipe.

Deliciously Greek - Moussaka

Deliciously Greek – Moussaka

Moussaka, the national dish of Greece is a casserole with a delicious meaty sauce, eggplant, potatoes and topped with creamy bechamel.

Gluten Free Kourambiethes Greek Recipe

Gluten Free Kourambiethes

These Greek shortbread cookies are super easy to make and the gluten-free version has a nice buttery texture.