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How to Make Spaetzle

Thin, crispy German egg noodles are so easy to make, especially with the right tools. In only thirty minutes, here’s how to do it.


Swabian Potato Salad

The secrets to an authentic German potato salad with olive oil and mustard. With beef broth and chives, you will be craving this at every summer barbecue.

Dutch Baby Recipe

Dutch Baby

When eating this dish, you get hints of the influence of German Pancakes and Yorkshire Pudding. Crispy in parts, soft and soufflé-y in others. Overall, a fantastic addition to your breakfast regime.

Zwiebelkuchen: German Onion Pie

Zwiebelkuchen: German Onion Pie

This traditional German dish ranges in size and shape throughout the country, but the buttery caramelized onions and savory bacon filling is consistent.