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Peach Dutch Baby Pancake

One large, light, airy dutch baby pancake is easy to create on a warm summer morning, but still delicious with caramelized summer peaches.

Dutch Baby Recipe

Dutch Baby

When eating this dish, you get hints of the influence of German Pancakes and Yorkshire Pudding. Crispy in parts, soft and soufflé-y in others. Overall, a fantastic addition to your breakfast regime.

Dutch New Years Rolls Recipe

Dutch New Year’s Rolls

These crisp, sweet and buttery waffles are eaten on New Year’s Day, plain or filled with whipped cream.



Wintery Dutch spiced cookies, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, or on a cold winter evening with hot chocolate.


Pudding Streusel Pie

A specialty from the south of the Netherlands: A sweet yeasted pie base filled with lovely smooth and creamy custard topped with crunchy streusel.

Dutch Mille-Feuille

Dutch Mille-Feuille

This pastry is known all over the world under different names, but when it is orange you know for sure it is Dutch.

The Dutch Bread Lunch

The Dutch Bread Lunch

Bread plays a very important role in Dutch cuisine. Get this side, and many other awesome recipes, on Honest Cooking today.

Hachee - Dutch Beef Stew

Hachee – Dutch Beef Stew

This delicious traditional stew delivers a satisfying meal after making your house smell scrumptious the whole afternoon. Your neighbours will be jealous!

Dutch Sugar Loaf

Dutch Sugar Loaf

Dutch sugar loaf (sûkerbôle) is a delicious sweet, sticky and gooey Frisian luxurious bread specialty.

Nasi Goreng

Dutch East Indian Nasi Goreng

Dutch food is greatly influenced by one of its former colonies: the Dutch East Indies. One of the most popular dishes is Nasi Goreng, a very versatile fried rice dish.

Apple Pie

Real Dutch Apple Pie

We all know apple pie is as American as apple pie. But actually apple pie is originally not American at all.