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Fried Egg and Mashed Potato from Culinary Explorer Diego Muñoz

This year, the Culinary Explorer, Diego Muñoz, cooks his way through 22 countries, cultures and cuisines in search of his future culinary DNA, mixing Peruvian Cuisine with the world. Through this, exciting new dishes see the day of light. Fried egg and mashed potato is one of them.

Easy One-Pan Dinners

In the market for a satisfying dinner, but dreading the prospect of a huge pile of dirty dishes? Fear not, these recipes out-of-this-world delicious and you can make them in a single skillet.


Spring Pea Risotto

Fresh, sweet peas combined with luxurious fat grains of rice makes for an exceptional spring dish, with just enough heartiness if the weather isn’t consistently warm yet.

Coconut Milk Egg Curry

This simple curry is easier to make than meat curries, but still has plenty of protein. The coconut milk gives the dish rich flavor and enhances the spices.


Maca Powder and Banana Pancakes

These banana pancakes are gluten free, moist, rich, and only have three ingredients — bananas, eggs, and maca powder. What could be better in the morning?

Deliciously Greek - Moussaka

Deliciously Greek – Moussaka

Moussaka, the national dish of Greece is a casserole with a delicious meaty sauce, eggplant, potatoes and topped with creamy bechamel.