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Spain – A Visit to the Hotel Finca de los Arandinos in Rioja

Spain – A Visit to the Hotel Finca de los Arandinos in Rioja

Miriam takes us on a visit to the Hotel Finca de los Arandinos in Rioja, an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.
By Miriam Fernandez Diez

One of the things I am passionate about when time and obligations permit, is traveling and discovering new and captivating places.

A few kilometers from Logroño in the Rioja region, is a perfect place where it seems that time stands still in a quiet and beautiful setting. This place is the Hotel Finca de los Arandinos, a new hotel concept, which mixes simple architecture and modern forms, using materials such as wood, glass and concrete and straight lines that create a calming and restful place with a backdrop of vineyards, olive and fruit trees.

The hotel has 14 rooms, 10 of them are originally designed by interior decorator David Delfin, creating a decoration concept that surprises the visitors and leaves no one indifferent because of its creativity and characterized at the same time, by its minimalism and good taste.

The other 4 rooms have been decorated by the architect of this project, Javier Arizcuren and are located in wine barrel cellar that is located on the property. The winery includes wines made from the family-run vineyard and characterized by a its traditional process that gives it its unique distinction. You can tour the winery and experience a wine-tasting with one of the winemakers in their tasting room.

Another section of this hotel is the relaxing spa where guests can enjoy the wet and dry sauna, cyclonic shower, aromatherapy foot bath, bubble pools with hot and cold, massage room and a wine therapy sun terrace where one can really appreciate the peaceful nature in this idyllic setting, with large windows through which you can enjoy nature and the spectacular landscape.

The last of the areas that deserves special mention here is the spectacular restaurant, located in the same hotel where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, all made with local produce from the Rioja. A fine dining experience at the hands of their chef who trained with two of the great chefs of our country, Martin Berasategui and Ferran Adria in the temple of gastronomy “El Bulli”.

I invite you to come to visit this temple of hedonism, where visitors and guests will enjoy, without doubt, a few days of pleasure and tranquility, a few days of enjoyment and gift for the senses.

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Hotel Finca de los Arandinos

Ctra. LR-137 km. 4,6

Entrena (La Rioja), España

Telephone: 941 446 126

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