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Seasoned Sourdough Crackers

Seasoned Sourdough Crackers

For those of us who bake bread at home are constantly looking for ways to utilize the excess bread starter, try this sourdough cracker recipe.


I personally believe that there should be no “discarding” of the starter. If you are in a good baking rhythm and the starter is mature and vigorous, there is no need to feed your starter daily, only the night before mixing the dough. In this way, there will be no discards at all, you just use what you need for the bread, and keep the rest in a fridge for next time.  On occasion, however, you may find yourself having too much of the bread starter, and this is when you make something special with it.



I found this recipe on another blog and I liked it well enough to try it out. My bread starter was whole wheat, and the flour was rye.  The crackers are very easy to make.  Since I followed the recipe exactly, there is no need to re-type it. Just follow the link and start baking.

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For my batch, I sprinkled one-half of the crackers with salt and curry spices, and the other with salt and chipotle.

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