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Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

Annelise McAuliffe

Recently hailed as a delicious destination for hungry, food-loving travelers, Tel Aviv has opened its arms and restaurants to chefs from around the world. This collaboration of different cultures, Round Tables, can only mean one thing for diners, enticing culinary creations.
By Annelise McAuliffe

Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

Israel is an every growing country, proud of its multi-cultural heritage and traditions rooted deep in history and religion. When it comes to food, however, the path isn’t so clear. Ask ten different locals for a description of typical Israeli cuisine and you will receive ten distinct answers.

Founders of the food project, Round Tables, created the month-long November event to stimulate the minds of Tel Aviv diners. Bringing the cuisines and chefs from afar to Israel provides a beautiful multi-cultural opportunity that can’t be found anywhere else. In the background, the Round Tables pushes aside any misconceptions of the culinary scene of Israel and welcomes the visiting international chefs to discover the country for themselves.

Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

One of the first chefs to arrive in Tel Aviv for the event was Chef Joe Capozzi of The Fat Radish in New York City. When asked about his fears of recreating a British menu usually geared toward Americans in another country, Chef Joe replied, “I love challenges.” He didn’t seemed fazed at all, even with a week of dinners served to a whole new market about to commence in only a few hours.

Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s The Blue Rooster and Lumina hosted the award-winning chefs of The Fat Radish and Stazione Di Posta of Rome. More favorite restaurants of Tel Aviv will continue to introduce chefs and restauranteurs of 24 international restaurants to over 10,000 Israeli diners throughout the month.

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Hosting Tel Aviv restaurants, The Blue Rooster and Lumina, presented their usual menu in new ways during Round Tables. The Blue Rooster’s vibrant plates with fresh flavors paired perfectly with the homey style of The Fat Radish. The chefs of Lumina and Stazione di Posta offered a mixed menu to guests, every other dish being from the Israeli or Italian restaurant. The result? A beautiful mashup of eggplant, ravioli, chestnut soup, sea bass, and more accurately representing both cuisines and still somehow managing to meet perfectly in the middle.

Round Tables — A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv

For culinary inspiration, check out Round Tables and all of the participating restaurants. If you are in Tel Aviv this month, be sure to visit. Stay tuned for our full culinary guide on Honest Cooking to Tel Aviv and beyond.

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