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Review: DeliverLean in South Florida

Review: DeliverLean in South Florida


Brenda Benoit tries a full day with the new lean-food delivery service from DeliverLean in Florida.
By Brenda Benoit

Pork Loin - photo by DeliverLean

When I think of delivery food the first thing that comes to mind are pizza, Chinese or other fast eats. DeliverLean  is a company that offers an alternative: wholesome and nutritious (and hopefully delicious) meals delivered right to your door – and they count the calories for you .

For this test, I got a complete day of food: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. It all came in an insulated bag to ensure that the food was kept fresh. Here’s my menu:

Egg White Omelet with Veggies, Sprouted Grain Bread – Calories 376, protein 30, carbs 35

I have always shunned egg whites alone. The yolk is the best part, right? I was hesitant when I saw this fluffy, snow-white omelet with no hint of yellow and was seriously wondering about the taste. One bite and I was in egg-white heaven. The omelet by itself was very tasty and spongy and excellent when eaten together with the veggies. I liked the sprouted grain bread also. I had it with the jam (provided) and it was delicious.

Egg White Omelet with veggies and sprouted grain bread

Pork Medallions with Mushroom Gravy, Celeriac Mash – Calories 371, protein 34, carbs 29

For lunch I had the pork. It was really good and quite moist and tender, the mushroom gravy adding an earthiness to the dish.

Pork Loin with Mushroom Gravy and Celeriac Mash

Yogurt Parfait with berries, almonds and banana muffin – Calories 399, proteins 15, carbs 46

This I had for dessert for lunch and it was very good. The yogurt and the berries were nice and sweet. I was not so sure about the banana muffin, it was a little on the dry side.

Thai Peanut Chicken Wrap – Calories 419, Protein 32

The chicken wrap was awesome and full of flavor and really hit the spot. I had it for a snack before dinner.

Thai Chili Tilapia with Cashew Snap Peas & Brown Rice – Calories 390, Protein 33, Carbs 47

Tilapia is a fish that I consider very bland, almost like eating solid water. This however, was the best tilapia I have had in a while. It almost tasted like the ocean even though it is a fresh water fish. The snap peas were crunchy and alive and the portion of brown rice was perfect for mopping up the juices from the tilapia.

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Thai Chili Tilapia

All in all the meals from DeliverLean were very good and satisfying. The portion sizes were exactly right: not too much, not too little. The flavor was also very good, hard to imagine that low-calorie food could taste so well. To be honest though, this is more than I would usually eat in a day as I do not have the time to prepare so many different meals. I was more than satisfied by the end of the day and never felt hungry nor over-full. I even gave my older daughter a bite of each dish and she liked them all.

Example of a day of meals - photo by DeliverLean

DeliverLean is a new meal delivery service that offers healthy meals hand-delivered to homes or offices. The company was established in September 2011 by foodies who believe that healthy meals do not have to equal tasteless and boring food. The meals are packed with lean proteins, fresh vegetables and carbs that are full of nutrients and vitamins. They offer a variety of meal plans, where their Traditional 5-Meals a Day Plan costs $ 892.50 per month for one person. Certainly not cheap, but if your wallet can take it – it is a great service.


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  • I signed up for the Deliverlean and for my disappointment the food does not taste or look like the pictures above. The portions are very small and often I needed to complement it so I could be on an 1800 calories a day.
    I found that after the 2 days I had the food in my fridge it was just not as fresh looking and did not taste well either. I was also disappointed with how my meal was handled, on my dislike options I requested not to have egg yolk on my meals, on my first delivery the box was marked outside no egg yolks, inside for my surprised I got two fried eggs and two poached eggs. When I called Deliverlean and mentioned about my breakfast received I was told they were sorry, but they had run out of substitute therefore they would credit me for that meal, but I was left without a breakfast. You better often controlling your portions and eating smart then opting for this service.

  • I signed up for Deliverlean and the huge disappointments started day 1. On my dislike options I requested not to have lasagna (my only request) and on my first delivery instead of the lasagna lunch I received the beef stew dinner for both lunch and dinner. When I called Deliverlean and explained the chain of events/communication and what I received, I was given the run around nearly blaming me for the mistake. I later got a call from management who told me they were sorry, and they would credit me for the inconvenience, but I was left to eat the same meal twice in one day. The whole purpose of ordering DeliverLean was variety.
    When it came around to actually getting that credit — not only was the promise not honored but now they made an error in my account and tried to short me 2 days that I had already paid for.
    Still waiting hours for a response. The customer service alone made this whole experience a horrible choice.

  • This is the second unfavorable comment I get for DeliverLean. I am surprised as my experience was very pleasant and the food was very good.

    I can only hope that they were just having a bad day on these particular instances . That said, the service is on the expensive side so I wish that they are working on improving customer service and how meals are handled.

  • I was a customer of deliverlean about 2 years ago when they first started (they werent named deliverlean back then..they got taken over)..the meals averaged to about $3 each for 5 meals per day. The food was healthy, portions smaller than I would have liked and I usually ate a little more even after the 5 meals (i am 5’11 and 170 lbs, work out regularly). They called me to say the prices were increasing and I canceled after about 8 months of being w them. The food wasn’t bad, and i WAS the leanest I had been in a while on the plan.

    I recently gave them a try again for a few days. Now the meals are almost $7 each!! The meals , although wrapped nicer, were not really any different than the ones I had 2 years ago. A larger menu and breakfast added, yes. But…hard to justify paying $7 a meal.

    Summary: Decent food, healthy, small portions, overpriced.

  • Also, the photos here on the nice plates are stock photos from deliverlean. The meals come in plastic containers and do not look that pretty.

  • Hello Brian…not all are stock photos. The omelet, the pork loin and the tilapia I took myself: I just took the food out of the container and plated them. Notice that my daughter is holding the plate in two of the photos :-)

  • I did the service too! for a couple months, but i thought the costs were too much for what is being served. I did try greenway, they overserve home made cooked meals portions and they are $25 a day, but the menu they pass out it says at the bottom tips appreciated. better deal, and you will be fatter! id considering deliver lean again just to get ripped or lose weight as i am 5’10 185 31 and really need to lose 10 lbs to look and feel better. if there were more options id go with it.

    also deliver lean comes in the morning before work so its pretty cool, although onetime they were late could of really messed up one or my morning appointments.

    PS i lost 20 lbs from doing nutrisystem, (200 to 180) although i would never do it again. yuck. it works though!

  • Pretty interesting article, in my opinion this is a great way to stay healthy. It keeps you eating right without wanting to cheat because you’ve already invested the money.

    Is this food delivered daily?

  • Hi my name Is Emily Donato. My dad is chef James Donato he is the best dad ever and those of you who were mad with you meals then im sorry but I think you should know he and the rest of the crew is the best and they work there butts off and If you are un pleased I don’t know why his food is great!

  • @ Steve White: no, the meals are delivered every Monday ( very early, in the night really) Wednesday and Friday am.
    @ Brenda: is it possible that they (deliver lean) knew that you were doing a review on their system/meals? If so, I would expect that the big boss, or one of the higher up went and chose (and packed) the meals themselves!
    I have received the same meals in duplicates, and sometimes up to 4 times for the same delivery period ( 2 days), repeat this 3 times per week, and you end up basically eating the same thing almost every meal for a solid 7 to 14 days.
    This repetition of the same dish applies to any meal, for example I would have the exact same breakfast two mornings in a row, then the same lunch 2 days in a row, and when unlucky, the same dinner two days in a row, and then you may repeat the pattern ad nauseaum over the course of your agreement with them (usually is a minimum of 2 weeks, and it automatically renews if you don’t cancel in writing a minimum of 3 business days prior to your new period.
    To give you an example, I would have 3 meals per day, and my hubby would have 3 meals per day + 1 dessert every other day => total for 14 days for the two of us = 1300$ (!!!)
    Now, I would pay handsomely if :
    -1) the meals ware tasty ( but they are NOT, at least not on the paleo diet)
    -2) the meals were varied. I can only eat the same thing for so long before I just either stop tearing all together, or raid the junk food distributor in the lobby of my building.
    -3) if they could actually respect my food intolerances. I specifically asked them to avoid any legumes, and at least 1/3rd of my meals are bean or chickpeas based. I have called and emailed so often after receiving yet again the wrong meal ( one containing what I CAN NOT eat) that it is close to becoming a full time job!
    So they can’t keep their promise to provide me with ingredients I can actually eat, and the cost and waste is enough to make me sick!
    Within the 1st week of deliveries completed, I was looking at a full fridge of food I could not eat because they contained the ingredient I was intolerant to.
    What a shameful waste!!!!
    The tastes are just absent on the reduced calories meals, and often ingredients that are supposed to be part of the meal shine by their absence…for example, it may states that there is a mushroom gravy or a mango salsa in the meal, but when you open the container, they aren’t there….and you end up with a dry piece of chicken ( and I mean DRY!) , 3 tasteless baby carrots, and 1 sad leaf of spinach, no sauce, no spices, not even a hint of salt and pepper.
    And then there is the repetition! I guess it would be less of an issue if the repetition was of a dish you enjoyed. But when the repetition is of a dish that was so bland and dry you might as well eat cardboard, or if the repetition is of a dish you can’t eat because it containers the ingredient you are intolerant or allergic to….then it is just unbearable and once again, a big fat waste of food and money!
    I think that the customer service is sleek, but in my opinion it is too sleek for the actual level of mastery (or lack thereof) that follows.
    In other words, they will convince you that the mistake was a one time off, or that they are revamping their system, or that they are improving their packing, or that they are diversifying the menu/ adding new foods and recipes, but at the end of my 2 weeks, I had to just throw in the towel after they hadn’t performed to their own pretense even once in that whole time period.
    I was 1300$ poorer, frustrated and hungry and angry….not to mention the time I spent in phone calls and emails to them hoping they could rectify for the next delivery, always to no avail!

    Absolutely not worth it! And I am very sad that it was such a bad experience because I really wanted it to work out as I needed both the convenience and the diet.

  • i too had bad experiences with deliver lean, i cancelled after 2 weeks. very small portions, doubled up on the same meals twice a day sometimes and customer service issues.

  • I am very dissapointed in this service. Sales people were extremely pushy and overly aggressive. Food quality was mediocre and on one meal I had hair in my food. They did credit me the meal after complaining but still it should not happen.

    There is nothing great about this service and I ended up cancelling it after a month. Was still getting billed and had to complain several times to get the charges and emails to stop.

    Its just easier to go out shopping and prep all of my food over the weekend. My portions were bigger, my food quality was much better and I knew what I was getting. This service is just for lazy people who love to say they have their food delivered. Anyone who is seriously healthy and a workout nut would never use DeliverLean. Great for Boca Raton moms though.

  • Everyone in my office read an article on DeliverLean and decided to join. However someone suggested we
    look at online reviews before parting with our money. Sadly, the abundance if negative reviews means none of us will be signing up. Seems they are just like a lot of other South Florida based service businesses; bad customer service and poor quality product.

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