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Refreshing Pomegranate Cooler Recipe

Refreshing Pomegranate Cooler Recipe

Pomegranate Cooler Recipe

Raise a toast with this cooler made from pomegranate, the Swiss army knife of fruits.
By Prathima Rao

Pomegranate Cooler Recipe

some Pomegranate juice or Pomegranate cooler or Pom mocktail, call it whatever you fancy. Whatever they are called, a glass of this fresh drink never fails to make you refreshed and energized..

And did you know pomegranates are regarded as the swiss-army knife among fruits. The reason being – pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, reduce LDL aka bad cholestrol, promote digestion, helpful in case of acid reflux, prevent dehydration to name a few.

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And finally, here is the recipe for the refreshing, energizing & nutrient rich concoction..

Refreshing Pomegranate Cooler Recipe
Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time
Raise a toast with this cooler made from pomegranate, the Swiss army knife of fruits.
Recipe Type: Cocktail
  • Pomegranate (whole) – 1
  • Pudina/ fresh mint leaves – 5 or per taste
  • Lime juice, freshly squeezed – ½ or 1/ per taste
  • Sugar (optional) – per taste
  • Water, chilled or room temp – as needed
  • To serve, optional – ice cubes, lime slice & mint leaf sprig for garnish
  1. Cut the top and bottom of the pomegranate. Mark with a knife into wedges along the sections divided by the white membrane. Now separate the wedges & discard membrane and remove the pomegranate pearls and use as needed.
  2. In a blender/ mixer put the pomegranate pearls, mint, lime juice, sugar if adding and little water & blend. Then strain the juice & discard seeds.
  3. To the juice add some more water as needed. Stir to blend. Pour into glass jar and serve chilled or at room temperature.
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