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Pine Cocktails? We’re into it.

Pine Cocktails? We’re into it.

As each annual festive season brings an abundance of delicious cocktails made with cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin, some of New York City’s most revered bartenders are bringing one of the most seasonal yet overlooked ingredients to the forefront; introducing creative ways of using pine in cocktails.


Using house-made syrups, fir garnishes and different variations of the evergreen coniferous tree, Jim Kearns of Slowly Shirley, Nico de Soto of Miracle’s global holiday popups and Cody Goldstein of NYLO hotel’s Shakespeare-inspired woodland dreamscape bar LOCL, provoke nostalgic memories of wintry walks and create the woody scent of fresh air through their unique and aromatic pine cocktails.

Pacific Coast Highway

Created by Jim Kearns for Slowly Shirley NYC

Pac Coast
Photo credit Nick Voderman


1 Muddled cucumber slice
1 tsp Argala Pastis
.75 oz Fino sherry
.25 oz Doug Fir Eu de Vie
.5 oz Zirbenz Pine liqueur
1 oz Eucalyptus-infused Terroir

Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Rosemary sprig
Method: Stir. Strain.

Holly Jolly

Created by Nico de Soto for Miracle

Holly Jolly
Photo credit Noah Fecks


1.5 oz Gin
.5 oz Pine Liqueur
.75 oz Vanilla Syrup
.75 oz Lime Juice
3 Mint
Top with soda

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Glass: Miracle Collins Glass
Garnish: Pine needles
Method: Shake. Strain. Top with soda

Shakespeare’s Globe

Created by Cody Goldstein for LOCL

Photo credit Brendan Burke


2 oz Four Pillars Gin
5 oz Root Beer Seltzer
.5 oz Vanilla Syrup
.5 oz Douglas Fir Liqueur
.25 oz Cointreau

Glass: Snow Globe
Garnish: Edible disco glitter
Method: Shake gin, syrup, Douglas fir, and Cointreau with ice for 5 seconds. Double strain into the globe and fill with root beer seltzer.

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