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October 28th – The Second Annual Champagne Day

October 28th – The Second Annual Champagne Day

On October 28, lovers of French bubbly can devote both online and offline activities to the classic luxury wine.
By Mandy Baca

At the end of August, we introduced you to the news about the business of wine labeling. October 28 marks the second annual Champagne Day. Wine enthusiasts around the world will celebrate by blogging, tweeting, and commenting on all things Champagne. Twitters users can celebrate doubly by participating in the annual social media event. Share your photos, tasting notes, experiences or videos using the hash tag #ChampagneDay with everyone across the globe.

They’ve also created a contest to see just how much everyone loves the bubbly stuff. One lucky winner will be the proud owner of a brand new iPad 2 and 4 runners-up will win a Champagne tasting kit. How can you participate? Send a picture of an authentic Champagne label to or post a picture (or hundreds, which increase your chances of winning) to their Facebook profile and tag yourself and the Champagne Bureau in the picture. Again, the more times you participate, the higher your chance to win, but no duplicates. Contest ends on October 26.

The contest is already on, so get your pictures online now. Here’s a peek at some of the labels that have already been entered.

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