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Late Night Cravings: Our Favorite French Fry Creations

Late Night Cravings: Our Favorite French Fry Creations

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Aren’t French fries a glorious thing? When we’re craving something salty, we turn to one of these glorious French fry creations for a special treat. DIG IN.

Homemade Shoestring Fries
If you love the perfectly crispy edges that come with thin, shoestring fries then this homemade recipe is for you. See the recipe.

Chilean Chorrillana Fries
Chorrillana is a favorite Chilean dish of French fries loaded with beef, caramelized onions, and fried eggs. It’s a perfectly comforting dish to share with friends. See the recipe.

Shrimp Po’ Boy Fries
French fries receive Cajun flair in the form of crispy shrimp and remoulade, just like the New Orleans Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich. These loaded fries are the perfect pair with a bourbon cocktail. See the recipe.

Baked Kimchi Cheese Fries
Baked fries with chili powder, onions, and kimchi are rounded out with melted cheese, scallions and bacon to create the ultimate snack and pick-me-up. See the recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Fries
Canada’s poutine meets Buffalo, New York’s Buffalo chicken to create Buffalo Chicken Fries and we are never looking back. See the recipe.

Sumac French Fries
Sumac gives the perfect hint of tangy flavor to these fries, plus there are flavorful dips to match too. See the recipe.

See Also

Tijuana Street Fries
Queso, guace, pork, and salsa. See the recipe.

Loaded Mediterranean Street Cart Fries
All the toppings on sweet potato fries. Glorious. See the recipe.

Pizza Waffle Fries
Put your favorite pizza toppings on top of waffle fries and bake. See the recipe.

French Fry Pizza
Who needs pepperoni when there are fries? Ok, add the pepperoni on too. See the recipe.

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