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Just for Chocoholics – Test and Workshop by Boisbuchet

Just for Chocoholics – Test and Workshop by Boisbuchet

Just for Chocoholics - Test and Workshop by Boisbuchet

How much do you love chocolate? Are you a CHOCOHOLIC? Now it’s time to face the truth.
By Valentina Mariani

Just for Chocoholics - Test and Workshop by Boisbuchet

Can you imagine how many times I walked around the Oxford Street, looking for something to eat, and get lost into magnificent shop windows, full of chocolate of every shape and type? Yes, I admit i’m a chocoholic!

But what about you? Try to imagine when you are not so hungry to eat a hot dish, but very greedy to eat every kind of sweet, (and maybe just a little bit sad), chocolate is always the answer.. isn’t it?

During years, several studies have given chocolate’s reputation as an anti-depressant. ‘Chocoholics’ themselves swear it creates an instant feeling of well-being, and that abstaining leads to withdrawal symptoms, the latter being the criteria for a true medical addiction..

How much do you love chocolate? Are you a CHOCOHOLIC? Now it’s time to face the truth..

Lots of people say they are, but how can you be sure?

Here you’ll find a fool-proof test that separates the true chocoholics from the wannabes!… Just check your answers to the following questions (be honest!), and add up your score!

Good luck!

1. Why do you eat chocolate?

a. It’s a nice snack now and then.
b. It’s a good way to indulge myself in sensual pleasures.
c. It’s the fifth major food group, are you kidding?
d. It’s my reason for living.

2. How much chocolate do you consume every day?

a. Less than two pieces (chocolate deficiency).
b. Three or four pieces (chocolate fix).
c. Five pieces (heavy user).
d. Six pieces or more (chocoholic material).

3. When is your favorite time to eat chocolate?

a. After a good meal.
b. Between meals.
c. As meals.
d. All of the above.

4. With whom do you share your chocolate?

a. Friends, family, co-workers, or whoever is around.
b. Close friends and family only.
c. Only with loved ones, and only if they’ve been good.
d. Share my chocolate? Are you kidding?

5. What is your favorite way to consume chocolate?

See Also

a. By nibbling a bit now and then throughout the day.
b. By swallowing whole chunks at a time.
c. By intravenous injection.
d. I dive into a 100 gallon vat and slurp.

Give yourself one point for every “a.” answer, two points for every “b.” answer, three points for every “c.” answer, and four points for every “d.” answer. Add them up and compare your score with the definitions below.

5 – 8 Novice Chocoholic: You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Start with a daily intake of Creative Chocolates.

9 – 12 Chocoholic Tendencies: You’ve got the makings of a chocoholic, all right. You just need a little nurturing. Prescription: Increase daily dosage of Creative Chocolates.

13 – 16 Closet Chocoholic: All you need is a little push to get you to come out into the open. Some Creative Chocolates just might do the trick.

17 – 20 A True Chocoholic: After having discovered your profile, here is a special Workshop by Boisbuchet and Maison Cailler, that will be very interesting for you. It will give you the possibility to investigate about how the presentation of chocolate influences the purchase decision process.

“People eat chocolate with their eyes and its presentation is key!”.. Maison Cailler, a prestigious and innovative manufacturer of Swiss chocolate, seeks to present their products with intimate explorations at two levels: in window displays that show and attract, and during personal tastings in its boutiques.

A special workshop by Boisbouchet gives the possibility to participants to shall develop modules for this presentation which can be used as a service tray for tasting and, when multiplied and combined, add up to sculptural structures for the display. The preferred material for these trays is cardboard – ideal for food contact, recyclability and formability. Maison Cailler provides chocolates to be used as references for the product development.

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