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Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella

Perfectly sweet and nutty, Nutella is a delightful spread that is even better when created at home. Try this recipe that requires no dairy.
By Ambra Torelli

When you think about one of the most addicting foods on earth… what comes in to your mind? I’d say pizza, gelato… and for sure Nutella!!

Too bad this creamy treat is loaded with sugar, artificial ingredients and nasty fats! ;(
But, hey, like always, there is a way to recreate our beloved unhealthy foods in a healthy, balanced way!

In this quick video I show you how easy it is (it literally takes 3 minutes) to whip up a delicious home made Nutella cream!

This recipe only needs two simple ingredients and it can be enjoyed with fruit, gluten free bread, home made cookies or even to fill a pie crust! The healthy food options are endless, and with this recipe you can finally enjoy a gluten, dairy and sugar free Nutella!

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Home Made Nutella

  • Author: Ambra Torelli
  • Yield: 1 1x




  • 1 tbsp Carob Powder
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Milk


  • 1 dash of Cinnamon and nutmeg (for the spice addicts)


  • 1 tsp Hazelnut Butter (for the “original” lovers)
  • 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract (for the sweet-tooth kind of guys)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well until you have a creamy and velvety home made Nutella.
  2. Enjoy your home made Nutella by spreading it over cookies or sliced gluten free bread or layer it in a parfait cup (adding fresh fruit and dairy free coconut yogurt like you see in these pictures).
  • Category: Dessert

Now it’s on you!

What are your tricks on how to eat healthy desserts? Do you have any other favorite healthy dessert next to Home Made Nutella?

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I will see you next week with more healthy tips!!

Hope you enjoy your healthy Nutella and I send you a big kiss!


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