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Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Annelise McAuliffe

From the bookworm who loves to gaze at food and read about its history to the avid home cook, here are just a few of our favorite cookbooks of 2016 that are perfect for holiday gifts. This year saw a delicious trend, international cooking.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Gingerbread Wonderland: 30 Magical Houses, Cookies, and Cakes by Mima Sinclair

There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm, baking gingerbread cookies or the nostalgia most of us feel when looking at a decorative gingerbread house. This book gives great tips and recipes to perfecting your holiday gingerbread. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread by Richard Bertinet

This cookbook is a bread-lover’s dream. Richard revolutionizes bread-making for the home cook. With step-by-step photos that highlight what your hands should be doing with the dough, the book breaks things down so you know how to work with the dough rather than fight with it to do what you want. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Tarts: Classic and Contemporary, Sweet and Savory by Frédéric Anton, Christelle Brua’s and Chihiro Masui

Want to be a tart pro? Already love tarts? Just love flipping through a beautiful cookbook? This is the book for you. Honestly, this is one of the most visually stunning books we have seen in a long time. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Samarkand: Recipes and Stories from Central Asia and the Caucasus by Caroline Eden and Eleanor Ford

How much do you know about the beautiful flavors of Samarkand, Central Asia, and the Caucasus? We really didn’t know too much, but this flavorful book gave us a beautiful background and all the encouragement we need to cook the food and even book a flight to the region. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques, Masterclasses, Ingredients, and Traditional Recipes by Monisha Bharadwaj

As the weather cools, we turn to traditional comfort foods like Indian cuisine. The book delves into the different regions of the vast country and even ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic healing that is the basis of Indian cuisine. This is the book for you if you want to know more about curries, spices, and traditional menus of the country. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

The Vegetarian Italian Kitchen by Veronica Lavenia

This book helps us remember that to eat meatless in Italy, means more than pasta. While yes, the books contains many recipes that feature the staple starch of the Mediterranean cuisines, it also forces us to think in a whole new way. Thankfully, the Mediterranean culture is loaded with hearty grains, beans, and beautiful produce, so vegetarian cooking is natural with these flavors. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

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The Suika (Ani Ramen Iichiko Cocktail) JPEG

50 Great Curries of Thailand by Vatcharin Bhumichitr

Discover what makes the curries of Thailand different from Indian curry and learn how to make a plethora of delicious dishes. This book explores the history, ingredients and recipes of Thai curries. From green to penang curries and everything in between, the book breaks down the recipes and the specifics of the ingredeints needed to create them. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Rise and Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings by Katie Sullivan Morford

This book is loaded with tips to making delicious, nutritious well-planned breakfasts that can even be devoured on the go. From sweet to savory, learn how to freshen up your morning routine. Find it here.

Gift Guide: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016

Cooking School by Alain Ducasse

If you know someone looking for the step-by-step instructions and images to perfecting French cooking, then this book is their new Bible. From tools to techniques, famed chef Alain Ducasse spells it all out for our ease. Find it here.

Alain ducass

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